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Former Champions to Headline Nile Special National Open

by Micheal Mawanda
1 minutes read

The ongoing Nile Special National Open championship is set to have a star-studded weekend, with two former champions headlining the action.

Sula Matovu, the 2016 champion, is one of the highest-profile players in the qualifiers and will be the player to beat.

Matovu was initially scheduled to play at Pot It in Najjanankumbi, but he postponed his entry due to mental preparation concerns.

He has since switched to his club venue, Upper Volta Bar in Kasubi, which is considered to be one of the toughest mini qualifying outlets to date.

The event is scheduled for Friday, and it is expected that Matovu will face some stiff competition from other top players.

Another former champion who is expected to feature in this weekend’s fixtures is Amos Ndyagumanawe, the 2014 champion.

Ndyagumanawe has kept his qualifying venue a secret, but rumors have it that he will play at his home district of Kabaale. This means that he is likely to play at his club venue Rendez Vous, which is also scheduled for Friday.

The Nile Special National Open is a prestigious tournament that attracts some of the best pool players in Uganda. With two former champions in the mix, this weekend’s action is sure to be exciting.

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