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Mr. Uganda Ivan Byekwaso returns home with German family

by Nnalubaale Sports
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Former International Natural Bodybuilding Association (INBA) Mr. Universe and Ugandan bodybuilding sensational Ivan Byekwaso who was pronounced dead on social media in 2018 returned home today morning together with his wife Viktoria, their daughter Maria and his in-laws.

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Byekwaso’s brother Simon Mbazira in company of other family members and friends received the five-time Uganda Bodybuilding champion in an emotional homecoming after six years, outside Uganda at Entebbe International Airport on Sunday morning.

Byekwaso relocated to Germany in 2016 after competing in the World Championships in Hungary, searching for greener pastures but his life had many ups and downs including imprisonment over trumped up rape charges but now returns a satisfied man after settling well in Germany and finding a wife.

“I chose to forgive and forget. A fellow Ugandan was behind the false allegations but the authorities cleared my name.”

“Home is the best my brother. It has been a while but now, I will be returning twice a year,” Ivan Byekwaso fresh off the plane told Nnalubaale Sports.

His inlaws were stepping on the African soil for the first time and they are going to enjoy the Pearl of Africa for a couple of weeks before returning to Europe.

Viktoria whose first key land mark was Lake Victoria was happy to visit the home of her husband and this was written allover her face.

Asked what melted her heart in accepting Byekwaso she had a list with cooking at the top.

“Ivan is a good husband. I like his character, looks and definitely his cooking,” Victoria noted adding that she hates the muscles.

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