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Parliament Investigates: ‘Ring-fence Federation funds’ – FUBA President Sserunjogi to government

by Nnalubaale Sports
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Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) President Nasser Sserunjogi has called on government to allocate funds directly to the respective associations rather than through the National Council of Sports (NCS).

The soft-spoken FUBA honcho advised while appearing before a select parliamentary investigative committee that’s digging through activities at the NCS.

This follows complaints from various federations about receiving less than allocated money, biased funding, incompetence, corruption at the NCS among other things.

“It’s easy to solve this financial debacle,” said Sserunjogi before adding:

“The monies should be ring-fenced to the federations. The funds should go direct to the associations rather than us being at the mercy of NCS.”

“It will then be easy to plan accordingly because you’ll know which tournaments to participate in and forego, but the way we’re operating now is not right.”

Sserunjogi also recommended that the government constructs a standard arena to avoid hosting games in other countries, but also generate some revenue.

“I think it’s important that government thinks about constructing an international indoor stadium which is up to the standards.”

“It will be able to take care of most of these in door sports for example boxing, netball, volleyball, badminton among others.”

“This will also help us generate some revenue and lessen the burden on government because it attracts gate collections, sponsors and partners but, at the moment no one would want to associate with the arena we have now.”

It awaits to be seen the kind of recommendations the committee will make to government and whether there will be significant adjustments.

Photo Credit: FUBA Media

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