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Rugby Elections: Accountability, communication top on Kiboijana’s agenda

by Nnalubaale Sports
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The race to the Uganda Rugby Union presidential election is heating up with the two main contestants, Phillip Kiboijana and Godwin Kayangwe all promising bloom.

The former is fired up to oust Kayangwe, who he believes hasn’t delivered fully to the expectations of the Union and the entire rugby fraternity.

“While I have appreciated that rugby has made some progress, I have seen a number of challenges that can put the game down, and this is why I’m standing in,” said Kiboijana in an interview with Nnalubaale Sports.

“The current administration has not been a total failure but they’ve had their weaknesses, among which is communication. All stakeholders have to be kept in the know, and in the plan.”

Kiboijana has been part of the current administration and has taken a keen eye on how accountability has been lacking.

“One has to be accountable to all stakeholders and that’s what I want to bring,” Kiboijana noted.

“Why do we only have to hear from the Ex-com at the Annual General Meeting? Why can’t we have a quarterly meeting? We need to have round table meetings.”

“Accountability is key not just for the finances but also in terms of as a person, being accountable to the strategy, the plan and keeping everyone involved in that journey.”

He also added that his administration will take close concern to players’ welfare as he believes they are the key stakeholders.

“Players have to be contracted at all levels, and even the basics like medical, nutrition. It’s not just about remuneration but it has to be there as well and done, no matter how small.”

The elections will be held at the 2023 Annual General Meeting slated for Sunday 23rd Apirl at Wins Hotel, Kampala.


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