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Two-day up country 7s circuits: Is the URU biting more than it can chew?

by Emmanuel Sama
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Yesterday, the Uganda Rugby Union unveiled the national 7s calendar on its official social media pages which spans from 1st July to 2nd September 2023.

The series consists of 7 circuits being played across various venues country wide.

Unlike in the past where two day circuits were for the centralized in Kampala and circuits upcountry allocated a single day, this time round the latter has been elevated to run for two days.

This has raised feasibility questions and concerns as below:

Financial Implications

Does URU have enough funds to facilitate all the traveling teams? It’s as plain as the nose on your face that very few teams have stable sponsors.

Most of them rely on benevolent individuals and fans to stay afloat and foot operational costs.

This means they’d have to rely on the organizing body to foot all their traveling expenses including transport, accommodation and feeding.

Much as the transport costs may stay relatively the same, accommodation and feeding must double. The operational costs will follow suit, officials, medics, etc.

It should be noted that in the past teams have had difficulty accessing these funds from the body. Either they’d be available late or would be insufficient, but mainly a blend of both worlds.

The Death of “parte” as we know it

Where does this leave the “party away from home” experience? The rugby community has been notoriously known for their excessive consumption of “parte”.

And with the 7s series, you get the entire community concentrated in one area, and bring to life the saying “the more, the merrier.”

The fun after the games when players and fans from all the participating teams converge in a particular hangout and bond over “the water of life” as provided by the sponsor – Nile Special/Guinness.

There’s a time when a circuit was organized in Kabale and guys drank Guinness out of stock from the region!

However, this is going to be no more as players would have to rest on Saturday night in preparation for the games the following day.

So will the “parte” happen on Sunday after the games? Absolutely no! Teams would be embarking on a rush journey back home to prepare for the new week.

The curious case of Sunday Rugby, upcountry!

Normally Sunday would be the day teams embark on the journey back home. It was a day for rest as individuals prepare for the working week ahead.

But if there are games on Sunday, it means teams are likely to travel in the night, and get back to Kampala on Monday morning.

Now for a sport played and supported by those who have work obligations, especially the white collar jobs that require one to be at their place of work by 8 or 9 am, this would make them opt out of the up country circuits.

The National 7s schedule:

1-2 July – Dam Waters, Jinja.

8-9 July – Bomah grounds, Kitgum

22-23 July – King’s Park Arena, Kampala

29-30 July – Buhinga stadium, Tooro

12-13 August – Kyadondo, Kampala

19-20 August – Tororo Rugby Club, Tororo.

2-3 September – Bugembe Stadium, Jinja

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Mama T June 17, 2023 - 6:44 PM

I tend to agree…for us fans who remember kabale, arua and fort portal have to reconsider upcountry 7s..or we shall do day 1 and miss out on day 2. 7s is primarily entertainment, shall we make money?

On tech front it’s a good thing for players to stretch over 2 days, good for NT.

Nnanyonyi Immaculate June 18, 2023 - 1:26 PM

Thank you for writing and information should reach the concerned personnels. Upcountry circuits would remain as One day since it’s a journey and the next day people need to rest then prepare for the new week.
We request for some changes to be made.
Our clubs have no funds to sustain players for those days. Accomodation and others.


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