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Akasumagizi boss day two to win Batball Central Region edition

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The anticipated central edition of the Batball Open came to a close on Sunday evening with Akasumagizi emerging winners after clean sweeping day two games.

The champions began their tournament campaign with three defeats on Saturday but managed to turn the tables on day two especially in the finals, with a 25 runs victory against Kalooli.

Besides the dramatic and comic shows in the last two games of the tournament that cost the teams such as Naddibanga who looked like favourites, the boys played good cricket with joy in all nine games.

The Entebbe Cricket Oval outing was the fourth stop after heading to East, Nile, and North where boys enjoyed a 10 overs format while spreading the message of the fight against AIDS.

“This not a one-off tournament, but one which will be happening every year to enable the young players to get a chance to compete and showcase their talents to the whole world,” COO of Batball, Martin Ondeko noted.

The best 16 Batball Open Central edition players will join the respective best players in the other three regions (Nile, East, and North) to represent their regions at the Inter-Regional tournament called Batball X, in June this year.

The focus now shifts to the last regional tournament that will be held in the Western region of Uganda next month in the same format under the same rules.

    Best Batter: Christopher Kidega (Akasumagizi)
    Best Bowler: Balidawa Ali (Naddibanga)
    Best Fielder: Bosco Akena (Kalooli)
    Best Wicket Keeper: Abdallah Shakur (Akasumagizi)
    MVP: Jaffer Ochaya (Akasumagizi)

Photo Credit: Batball Media

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