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Batball Open Nile to be tossed off mid December

by Nnalubaale Sports
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After a successful Batball Open Soroti outing, the next stop will be the Nile region this December held at Jinja SS Cricket Oval.

Batball and Uganda Cricket Association are in this partnership to recognize talent and supplement the regional infrastructure of Cricket in respective regions.

The second outing will run over the weekend of 17th-18th of December 2022, with eight matches on the menu.

The four teams that shall be competing in the winner takes it all are; Empungu, Buutu, Amakubi and Amakokotazi.

The champion will progress to the next challenge, where they shall meet respective champions from other regions to compete in a tournament dubbed ‘Batball X’.

A Local Organizing Committee, soundly led by the dynamic Isaac Imaka, has been constituted and will be responsible for running the event.


DAY ONE: 17th December 2022
Buutu Vs Empuugu
Amakubi Vs Amakokotazi
Buutu Vs Amakokotazi
Empuugu Vs Amakubi
Buutu Vs Amakubi

DAY TWO: 18th December 2022
Empuugu Vs Amakokotazi
Winner 3 Vs Winner 4 (3rd and 4th playoffs)
Winner 1 Vs Winner 2 (Finals)

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