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FUBA President Nasser Sserunjogi Calls for Increased Funding and Better Facilities

by Ivan Kaye
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The Federation of Uganda Basketball Association (FUBA) president, Nasser Sserunjogi, has called on the government to increase funding to the sport and improve facilities.

He said that this is necessary for Uganda to achieve greater success in international competitions.

Sserunjogi’s comments come after the Ugandan women’s basketball team, the Gazelles, finished seventh in the FIBA Women’s Afrobasket.

The team did not receive a government welcome dinner like their netball compatriots, the She Cranes, who finished fifth in the Netball World Cup hosted by South Africa.

Sserunjogi said that he is not concerned about the lack of a welcome dinner, but rather about the need for better funding and facilities.

He said that this is what will allow the Gazelles and other Ugandan basketball teams to compete at the highest level.

“For me, it’s not about the welcome dinner however much it might look important,” Sserunjogi said.

“What we need right now is better funding to enable us compete at different international events, to help us develope the sport from the grassroots.”

“And we also need better facilities to be able to play the game. Often many times you’ll be hosted to a dinner, have fun and then what what, after that?” he posed in rhetoric.

“So, for me, this shouldn’t worry you, you shouldn’t feel sorry, let’s just continue doing our thing, compete but all we’re asking for is better funding and facilities,” he summed in an address to the triumphant Gazelles.

Basketball, like many other disciplines, has suffered in the past with lack of facilitation that had them miss a number of international tournaments.

The game keeps growing at a snail’s pace as the unavailable facilities remain an unsolved issue.

Sserunjogi’s call for increased funding and better facilities is a timely one. Uganda has a wealth of basketball talent, but it needs the right support to reach its full potential.

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