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Makerere Impis can afford to sign out

by Nnalubaale Sports
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By: James Kavuma

At this point in the season, Makerere Impis can afford to pack up their bags, cordon off the Makerere Graveyard and not play any rugby until the National 7s calendar is pronounced.

If you read the Kawowo production from local scribe Ernest Akorebirungi, you can pluck the table, paste it into an Excel Sheet and complete the computations. They are good to go, and all indicators are in green, just like their home kit.

The Makerere side started the season with a hard fought win against a stubborn Jinja Hippos, with their backs against the wall. They then went on rampage and put together five wins in a row, a feat many clubs will need to go to sleep and only dream about.

Truthfully, one-upping the defending champions Heathens would have been a Herculean win, and those blaming the side for losing the game are only driven by jealousy and social media relevance. The Impis had to lose that game.

With that result, Impis are in a better place for the rest of their season. They are wounded. They bleed blood, and now they can focus on putting in more wins and going higher on the Nile Special Rugby Premiership table.

No one batted an eye when Impis and Rams kept beating up on each other at the Graveyard seasons past, and it makes sense they gained national recognition following their five-after-five excellence. Not Impis’ problem.

They have eclipsed everyone and planted themselves among the top four. And I know they would love for someone to dare them. If you want to try, you best hope Henry Nsekuye is not wearing pink. He is a god in that away jersey.

Impis have been so good that one of their flyers, Ivan Otai, has earned a call-up to the squad of the finest 7s gladiators to represent the country at the World Rugby 7s qualifiers. That is a testament to the squad’s work to bring themselves to dine at the table of the finest in the land.

The Makerere team is now so safe that those below them are finally realizing that life is about to get tough and will want to get one over each other, ensure safety, and avoid relegation when the 2023 season goes to bed.

It sure looks like the Impis of old that lost Daniel Ortega, Keith Seruyange and Edgar Pajob is gone – and the new administrative structure is about enriching the squad with Makerere affluence, pride and, of course, ARROGANCE.


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