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Uganda Tennis Association Digitizes Database

by Julius Senyimba
1 minutes read

Uganda’s sports sector has long struggled with poor record-keeping. This is due in part to the lack of a digital experience in the fraternity.

In an effort to improve player performance, the Uganda Tennis Association (UTA) has partnered with the International Tennis Federation (ITF) to digitize its database.

The new database will allow UTA to better manage information and data, such as a centralized database of members, tournaments, and results.

This will help UTA to track player progress and identify areas for improvement. The data will also be used to measure the success of national development and participation programs.

“This is a major step forward for Ugandan tennis,” said UTA Secretary General Alvin Bagaya.

“The new database will give us the tools we need to monitor and analyze player performance and development in Uganda.”

The digitization of UTA’s database is a positive development for Ugandan tennis. It is a sign of the association’s commitment to improving player performance and development.

The new database will provide UTA with the data it needs to make informed decisions about the future of Ugandan tennis.

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