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Nigerian Chess Master Onakoya pays a courtesy visit to Katwe slum

by Nnalubaale Sports
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By: Ronald Twikirize

The National Chess Master and convener of chess in Africa slums, Tunde Onakoya, the inspiration behind the chess movement on the continent, jetted into Uganda on the 11th of March 2023 with a mission.

The visit is to track and see the beautiful works done by The gift of Chess in partnership with the Karibu Foundation with a mission to work towards a World where opportunities are evenly distributed.

The fact that slum places are mistaken for the people that live there to an extent of people losing their identities and whole lives to the small fact of residing in a slum.

Tunde Onakoya has proved to the World that greatness can be found in the most unlikely places and with him paying a visit to Katwe, a slum in the central of Kampala where Chess prodigies emanate.

Backtrack to the famous movie “The Queen of katwe”, that’s the place where it all began and as the journey never ends, Chess still exists and is changing lives.

Tunde visited the Karibu Foundation Chess Academy and met over 50 souls whose future is so bright to be defined by the circumstances of their residency.

He had interaction with these Chess prodigies and one step at a time the manifestations of their Chess skills came to life as they played with a team of great Chess players from Nigeria.

Tunde also had a session with the kids where he shared vast knowledge, wisdom and skills with the kids and it was surely a great moment when kids got to learn about the mistakes they made and how it affected the later stages of the games.

The moments were beyond definition as he got deeper and deeper to explain the realities of chess in relation to real life. The kids related with him at a personal level as they saw a soul that they’d really love to become.

“When I play chess, I feel like am representing my country” said Nicholas a 10-year-old boy who sees chess as safe heaven.

The presence, wisdom, skills, and energy that Katwe received and reciprocated on this day is worth being told, and above has been my humble narration.

Photo Credit: Edgar Hamala

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