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Parliament Investigates: Boxing President Muhangi calls out NCS’s incompetence, prejudice

by Nnalubaale Sports
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As the Parliament of Uganda continues to investigate into the activities of the National Council of Sports (NCS), different sports federations have come out to air out their grievances towards the Council.

Just as football and basketball expressed their dissatisfaction, Uganda Boxing Federation has as well pinned the NCS for incompetence, bias and misusing government funds.

“The minister for Sports delegated all the powers to the General Secretary (Benard Patrick Ogwel) and you are either with him or not,” started Muhangi while appearing before the Laura Kanushu chaired investigative Select Committee.

“The General Secretary is the Alpha and Omega, so if you have a disagreement, there’s trouble, so there’s too much power in that office which affects sport.”

“They only appoint people that were with them during campaigns and in the end, they don’t show up during the different events. I’ve been running boxing every Saturday but I’ve not seen one board member attend even one,” a bitter Muhangi added.

“They only show up during trips because they’re guaranteed Per Diem, but will never show up during preparations, and these are the people who want to guide the sector.”

Muhangi was also extremely critical in the manner with which the NCS allocates funds to the various federations, citing biased decisions.

“Government has always sent money to the NCS but how its shared across federations has no criteria or formula.”

“When you ask why, there’s no valid explanation. So, we request Parliament that a clear criteria for funds allocation is developed.”

“For example, football gets about UGX 17 billion and boxing about UGX 3 billion, yet there isn’t a proper explanation.”

The motor-mouthed boxing custodian also expressed disappointment with the manner with which money was dished out to officials instead of athletes at the 2022 Commonwealth Games in Birmingham.

“NCS had a Commonwealth budget of UGX 7.1 billion and most of it was spent on people who were there to spectate.”

“People were give millions of money in accommodation, travel, feeding and allowances yet they stayed in hotels and watched these games on TV, something they could have done if they had stayed,” he added.

“The money would have been saved and used for developing other things in sport. Athletes who competed got just UGX 7.5 million yet officials received huger sums.”

The latest audit into the NCS is expected to make tangible impact which should in turn be a positive towards developing sport in the country.

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