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Parliament Investigates: Magogo accuses NCS of diverting FUFA funds

by Nnalubaale Sports
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Federation of Uganda Football Associations (FUFA) President, Moses Magogo has accused the National Council of Sports (NCS) of failure to extend the full sums of money meant for the football body in the last financial year.

The Budiope East Legislator revealed the above on Thursday, to the Parliamentary Committee on Sports that the Ministry of Finance released all the UGX10 billion meant for FUFA, but the NCS diverted Ugx1.5 billion to other businesses.

“When the money was received it was held by NCS without any kind of information and communication,” Magogo stated.

“This made us face a lot of challenges while putting teams out there to compete. This was the period when we had the female national team at AFCON.”

“We are expecting money from NCS for the last quarter and incidentally we realized that the money had been paid by the ministry of finance and nothing had been extended to FUFA.”

“When we raised questions eventually we got the information that finance had paid the money to zero balance for what was meant to be for sports,” he added.

Magogo also appeared to pin NCS General Secretary Benard Patrick Ogwel for alleging that the missing UGX1.5 billion was used for preparation for Commonwealth games, yet the latter received its full sums.

“According to Mr. Ogwel, this money had also been used for the Commonwealth Games and so in the negotiations eventually, 1.5 billion could not be raised.”

“The NCS says that it has been used in the preparations for the Commonwealth yet the money for the Commonwealth had also been provided for,” Magogo further revealed.

A separate budget for the Commonwealth Games was 7.1 billion and according to Magogo, that money was also received by NCS.

In Birmingham, England at the 2022 Commonwealth Games, Uganda finished 16th having won five medals, including three gold medals, and two bronze.

Meanwhile, at the 2022 Women’s AFCON in Morocco the Crested Cranes were eliminated from the group stages.

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