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Parliament Investigates: Netball boss Babirye grabs NCS by its neck

by Nnalubaale Sports
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As the latest sequence of investigations into the activities at the National Council of Sports (NCS) goes on, Uganda Netball Federation (UNF) has called out the inadequacies within NCS.

While appearing before a select parliamentary investigative committee, UNF President, Sarah Babirye Kityo on Tuesday, called out corruption, incompetence and a lack of proper drive and direction at NCS.

Among the lot of other dirt at the Council, Babirye asserts that the latter’s General Secretary Benard Patrick Ogwel forced them into accounting for funds they’ve never received.

“We received Ugx. 186 million for two tournaments in Namibia in 2021, where we excelled but Dr. Benard kept writing to us to account for Ugx. 425 million, upon return.”

Babirye feels the only way to curb the vice of funds misappropriation is to ring-fence them for every federation.

“I think every federation should be given their own funds, such that they’ll know how to plan for it and in case of misappropriation, the law should come in for the people necessary,” Babirye advised.

“Because, what we’re going through is really terrible. For instance during the Commonwealth games, a lot of money was wasted on officials instead of players.”

“The money they spent on these officials was enough to give teams to prepare for World Cup qualifiers.”

“These players put in a lot of energies and effort, lift rankings for the team and yet NCS will tell them they don’t have money for the next tournaments.”

“We put in our all, our hearts yet these people only come to take the profit of our sweat,” added a bitter and disappointed Babirye.

The UNF President, together with a number of other federations continue to expose the NCS, who are destined for government’s stiff hand.

Photo credit: Uganda Netball Federation Media

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