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Another layer of makeup for the Rugby Weekend

by Nnalubaale Sports
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For many of us, the weekend starts on Thursday evening and that’s alright.

For the Stanbic sponsored Black Pirates, the weekend started on Monday. You can say it’s been weekend for them for a while.

The Pirates have been building up to a new kit reveal and you could tell from the anticipation that this week was another holiday.

As of Friday, there’s a new layer of makeup for the Stanbic Black Pirates Rugby Football Club.

A two-year sponsorship renewal, fresh home, and away jerseys, the sea robbers have returned ashore with a new look.

Impis vs Pirates

Therefore, we’re all going to the Graveyard this weekend to watch the two teams with complete home and away wardrobes.

A while back, we wrote that rugby life can now be found at the graveyard. And the Pirates have respected that and decided to show up for this weekend’s fête in new gear.

The Impis will be clad in their majestic green, while Pirates will descend the ship for battle in the newest away kit in the land.

The rugby will be fun and it is expected that their banter for each other will have nothing to do with apparel given that they’re sorted.

Should be beautiful to watch for the rugby, and for fashion acclamation.

Rams vs Hippos

Everything Impis does, at some point, Rams always find themselves close in the comparison.

On the back of losing the Makerere derby, Rams will walk out to face the Hippos in the same kit they wore last time round, the same kit they have won year round.

Not to take away their shine, Hippos will be doing the same. One jersey. One army. Home is away. Away is home.

Walukuba vs Heathens

The story with the Heathens and the Barbarians is the same. The defending champions have been teasing the arrival of new stripes all season long but the season is now in it’s adolescent stage and it’s only right we assume it was a hoax.

They think we missed the move of the sponsor from the sleeve to the front.

There are hopes that Walukuba will beat them and claim the helmet for their own logo. Logos will clash in Walukuba too.

Regardless, we shall be in Jinja because The Bourbon continues to support the good cause that’s brought all of Uganda rugby together, the happiness of the Joachim Chisano household.

Mongers vs Buffaloes

The money boys of the league, Mongers, welcome Buffaloes to the House of pain. Oh, that’s right. Buffaloes, too, are good to go in the Home and Away apparel arrangement.

They visit the rich kid of the school who has no fashion sense but only has the money to make them relevant.

It’s been a season of ups and downs for the fishermen of Entebbe and the Buffaloes look to make it even harder for them.

Rhinos vs KOBs

Table leaders KOBs tussle it out with the cold-blowing Rhinos at Legends Rugby Club. At this point, we all gave up on reminding the KOBs that if you wear the same clothes every weekend, the material is bound to give way because of the wear and tear.

The last time the KOBs had a new kit, corona was just another beer and the virus was just a pathogen, like bacteria and protozoa.

Since this has to be about rugby somehow, this particular game is that last row of revelers at a Cricket Oval concert where you can barely see the action. KOBs should win with ease.

By: James Kavuma

Courtesy Photos

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