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Rugby finds new lifeline at Makerere Graveyard Grounds

by Nnalubaale Sports
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By: James Kavuma

Quick question – have you had the chance to look at the environment around Makerere University’s Graveyard when there is rugby to be played?

In Uganda rugby circles, Saturday is rugby day. Saturday is the day rugby patrons go to their plugs and look into their shades collections, newest shorts, and, of course, a trip to the salon or the barbershop.

The aim is to look fly when your team makes the scoreboard tick and look fresh for the party that never stops.

The rugby party has been heavy at Kyadondo, loud at Legends, and crazy at Kings Park. Enter the Makerere Graveyard. The new venue for full-on madness and fan enjoyment is the Makerere Graveyard.

When the home team is performing well, the energy translates to the grounds and the experience, and the after-party. The Makerere Impis have a 50% win rate this season, and all and sundry can see the bounce.

The arrogance virus is spreading widely, and the perpetrators are rightfully not looking for a solution because more people want to be part of this new wave.

During match days, the grounds are full and loud, with all the fans wanting to take part in the “IMPIS EHH, IMPIS AHH” chant. Yes, even fans of the opponents always want in on this happiness.

The resurgence of the Impis has brought people into their shade, and they are presently one of the most entertaining sides. Every game is a nail-biter; nothing is written in the stars with this team.

They always have an ace up their sleeve. They are not going to roll away so easily. If you’re going to beat them, you won’t find it as easy as you think.

The bounce in Makerere is also due to the leadership cog of Coach Syrus Ssebuliba, Coach-player Emmanuel Kantuntu, and senior players like Henry Nsekuye, Pius Mpoza, and Kennedy Muhumuza turning up and pushing from the front. The talent retention in Makerere is top-shelf stuff.

The Rams have also played their part in this. Just like with Impis, the Rams have made sure their home games are tough visits. They are willing to fight to the death.

In case you have any doubts, make sure to ask DJ Bugy about his Nile Special Rugby League crowd experience last Saturday and Heathens-Pirates about bonus point win hopes.

Honestly, I can’t wait for the next Makerere game day, and guess what, tomorrow is derby day as tenants Rams host landlord Impis at 4 pm.

Buffaloes Vs Pirates, Kyadondo 3pm
Mongers Vs Walukuba, Entebbe 4pm
Hippos Vs KOBs, Jinja 4pm
Rhinos Vs Heathens, Legends 4pm
Rams Vs Impis, Makerere 4pm

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