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Godwin Kayangwe floors Philip Kiboijana, what next for Rugby?

by Nnalubaale Sports
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Now that the dust has settled and Godwin Kayangwe together with Hon. Andrew Oulanyah have waltzed in the first wedding dance.

Allow us to welcome back all our voting delegates from the Elective Annual General Meeting.

In an unprecedented move, incumbent Kayangwe swept the most anticipated vote, the President’s vote, against Philip Kiboijana, garnering 65 votes to Philip’s 08.

MP Andrew Oulanyah will be deputising him in the commercial arm, while Eric Butime saw off motormouth Zeno Othieno Owora to claim the VP Technical role.

URU Executive 2023-27
1. President – Godwin Kayangwe
2. VP Commercial – Andrew Oulanya
3. VP Technical – Eric Butime
4. Secretary – Peter Odong
5. Treasurer – Kennedy Mulindwa
6. Women Representative – Prossy Nakakande
7. Age-grade & Development – Dorothy Nekesa
8. Upcountry Representative – Duncan Kirya


It is time for the newly elected team to brush up on the past work and execute a stellar term of putting rugby at the front.

The Ugandan rugby Twitterati have been open in expressing their opinions. Addressing some of these issues is an excellent place to start if the URU has been doing social listening.

Rugby players are the game’s greatest asset, and it is high time we came good on our allegiances to the game.

Medical Insurance cover is an excellent place to start for the various ladies and gentlemen summoned into the many teams, from men’s 7s and 15s to women’s 7s and 15s and U20.

A commitment to medical cover is a promise to deal with the worry that engulfs many of our athletes and pushes them to give less than 100% because medical coverage is not assured.


Conversations about referees and their officiating have not been pretty and shouldn’t be ignored.

There have always been complaints about the decisions made in the heat of the moment, and the presence of recorded video has added salt to injury.

You can understand the plight of referees. The allowances are infinitesimal, yet the referees are expected to be on top of situations, take insults from the fans, and deal with the players’ rants in the game.

The Union should take care of their referees, increase the allowances, and increase the number of refresher courses and then we shall have fewer complaints.


On top of re-energising the U20 squad’s Barthes Cup participation, we need the University League back.

Borrowing from my time at Makerere, there was nothing more we looked to, like games against teams from the other University teams.

The rugby players at the University played against each other in school and are very eager to keep this animosity and rivalry going. Schools rugby action is unmatched.

And University rugby can be the extension the nation is looking for to inject fresh energy into the league.

Schools rugby to feed the University League, which can also feed the teams in the Championships and also the Central League.


As I wind up this writing, the clubs need more ring-fenced money (it’s now 20m Uganda Shillings) to come through in time.

Every match day, a team is expected to field 23 willing players and a full technical bench which isn’t a walk in the park.

This money is not so much but it can clear a few operational costs here and there as the clubs strive to be an appealing project for sponsors.

Maybe when we get persons who care about the game, we shall be regularly beating up on Kenya, have a U20 Ladies’ side, and a reputable National Stadium for rugby.

We hope that the voting delegates had these demands at the backs of their minds when they cast their votes.

By: James Kavuma

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