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Matooke Vs Ugali: Kenya is not really a good neighbour

by James Kavuma
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The issue with the neighbourhood is that you build a community and look out for each other.

Not according to plan

That’s not what Kenya did over the weekend at Kyadondo Rugby Club. They are so unnecessary.

Before I go any further, are they back to the Ugali and Sukuma wiki side, or are they still in the land enjoying Nile Special and food with soup?

If anything from the last month is to go by, we have no business competing with Kenya in rugby.

The U20 was beaten pants down, while their elders, some can argue fathers, were beaten to a pulp just as recent as last weekend.

The game between the veterans from both ends of mountain Elgon was a case of legends coming up against pensioners.

The only kind of unfinished business was the gap in the final, and that was settled at 38-06.

Stark contrast between the two sets of vets

The difference in the level of execution from both camps was large and you could differentiate a side that was fit and had been training for a while from a squad that was assembled through a WhatsApp group.

Uganda managed two penalties from the boot of tactician Charles Onen but also exhibited various skills from the members across the match day squad.

For example, Otim Allan showed that he would best serve the nation as a man of God when he was pictured making a way in a tackle and escorting the oncoming Kenyan with the Lord’s blessings.

Allan Otim giving blessings to a Kenyan player

Mixed fortunes for Allan Musoke

When we said the ambulances and medical personnel needed to be on high alert, that was a call in disguise for Allan Musoke.

Musoke has not been the same since Pius Ogena joined him and Justin Kimono at the helm of the record scorers in the league.

He had since argued that if he scored a try in the vets’ game, it should be added to his record.

So, he shifts to 23 tries scored and leaves Kimono and Ogena to share second place. Obviously, that’s not how these things work.

At half-time, Musoke was seen approaching the announcer’s box to grab hold of the microphone until he had to be reminded that his business of the day was on the field.

You have believed that, right? It happened. Musoke can confirm.

Uganda’s Allan Musoke chasing the shadows of Humphrey Kayange

In a nutshell, the Kenya-Uganda vets encounter can be treated the same way the Gallagher Prem treats World XV against the Barbarians.

The only tweak is to have the UG-KE vets game open the international 15s season or as a curtain raiser to the Elgon Cup.

The game represents the high spirits in the two East African nations and provides an avenue to renew hostilities on the pitch and revisit the camaraderie off the pitch.

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