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Kamengo Oval to host the final Batball Open outing

by Nnalubaale Sports
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The western edition which will double as the final outing of this year of the Batball Open tournament was launched at the Lugogo Cricket Oval today.

The tournament will bowl off this Friday at the Serenity Oval in Kamengo, with four teams including Kayonza, Oruyongoyongo, Entuuha, and Enyawawa taking part.

The team names have been derived from birds that are best known to the locals in the region and, the purpose is for the community to easily identify with the teams.

“This is a move to saw seeds and we are aware that some will grow and others will not. So, we call upon media to support us once again,” Martin Odenko the Batball Chief Operations Officer noted.

The tournament will be played in a 10 Over format for two days ending on Saturday, this very week.

As it’s been the case in other regions, 16 players will be selected from this edition, with the ultimate goal being the Batball X Challenge, slated for later this year.

Like it’s been the case in other regions, this edition is themed as well, and its social call is to ‘Keep personal hygiene’.

This regional tournament has previously been held in the regions of North, Nile, East and Central where Agak, Buutu, Ejibat and Akasumagizi respectively came out as champions.

Photo Credit: Batball Uganda

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